To apply for our program you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be an Honorably discharged Veteran of US Armed Forces or have been employed as a First Responder. (Verification is required)

  2. Have been professionally diagnosed with PTSD or TBI. This does not have to be a service related disability in order to qualify.(Verification is required)

  3. Have a strong commitment to attend the training classes as well as practice the training topics learned at home.

  4. You must live within commuting distance to our training facility located in Anderson, CA.

  5. You must have the ability to properly care for a K9, including food, shelter, and healthcare.

  6. A Service Dog is just one of many options available that assist Veterans and First Responders in the healing process and works best when combined with other modalities.

  7.  Contact us for canine breed and size requirements.